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Monday, October 16, 2017

A Young Boy

By Emily Thrasher

A young boy who grew up
To be a young man
Thought he had it all
Thought he had a plan

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What he didn’t know
Was it was about to end
With the things that happened next
I had to say good-bye to my friend

He would never know
How much I cared for him
He would’ve never guessed
It would’ve been so grim

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It was just one night
When he wasn’t thinking clear
He chose to do drugs
Now he’s no longer here

Poem poems poetry blog

I wish I could change the past
I know the choice was his
But I wish he had said no
Now he’s the one I miss

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Love Too True

By Emily Thrasher

This is love
I feel it in my soul
Hold me tightly
My heart you've stole

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I feel so happy
My mind's become clear
My heart has grown full
With nothing left to fear

I think of you
You think of me
My trust in you
I will not flee

Poem poems poetry blog

Emotions felt deep
When I see your face
My heart in bliss
From your embrace

Poem poems poetry blog

To be chosen 
To be with you
Is pure happiness
With love too true

Broken Hearted

By Emily Thrasher, 2006

I see you everyday
And someday you’ll pay
For the way you made me feel
A wound that can not heal

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A love all by itself
My heart lies on a shelf
It’s no longer whole
Love has taken its toll

Why don’t you love me?
Why do you flee?
I feel so helpless
When I think of your kiss

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You take ahold of me
Why can’t you see?
Lonely soul left to roam
My heart has no home

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Monday, October 9, 2017

Flee From Me

By Emily Thrasher, 2008

Poetry poems blog poem
I should’ve known
This is no one’s fault but my own

I knew it was too good to be true
How could I be with someone like you?

poetry poem poems blog
You’re perfect in every way
What do I have, to make you stay

I was dumb to think you like me
Cause everyone seems to flee

Friday, October 6, 2017

Without Love

By Emily Thrasher, 2005

Blog poems poem poetry
Can you stand to look at me? 
Do I disgust thee?                  

Are my eyes so bleak?        
That I am one not to seek?

Blog poems poem poetry

My hearts so black
For love is what I lack
No one can see
The thing I wish to be
Something I wish I had
It makes me so sad

My tears run long
My life’s a bad song
No one wants to sing
No smile to bring
Blog poems poem poetry

My rose is dead                       
I’m screaming in my head
I’m crying out to you    
Yet you have no clue

A Woman’s Flight

 By Emily Thrasher

She desperately wanted to fly
To be above it all in the sky
She began to ruffle her feathers
Breaking free from all the tethers
To find freedom and peace
And let the stress decrease

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Soaring above the animosity
Maneuvering with such velocity
Away from the unfortunate opposition
Nothing will stop her ambition
Feeling stronger than the toughest steel
She begins on the path to heal

Feeling the wind caress her face
Flying high with such grace
Above the sadness and remorse
She plans a whole new course
Finding the needed love and devotion
She stays away from all the commotion

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